our business services

If you own a business, we understand how much you have on your plate. Our services provide a stress-free solution to your everyday responsibilities. So feel free to pass the plate. 

social media management

With access to millions of people a day, social media gives businesses a chance to reach the unreachable. Our active presence on social media and our own strong following automatically gives us the advantage to know how to post precise and grasping content.

By allowing us to manage your your social media handles, we can craft and create content unique for your business that is pleasing to the eye and draws in traction.

we OFFER management services for:

  • facebook

  • instagram

  • twitter

event management

Our services include:

  • Booking DJs & Artists

  • Hiring & Managing VIP Hosts

  • Social Media Management & Marketing

  • Same Night Operations

with our growing network,  if needed we can also provide your venue with:

  • dJs/ artists

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Bartenders

  • Waitors / Waitesses / Runners

  • VIP Waitresses

  • Doormen / Security

  • Hostesses

artist management

are you talented and need representation?

We offer represention to:

  • djs

  • singers

  • rappers

  • models

  • actor/actresses