Source: Wall Flower Kitchen


These pancakes are:

  • Dairy-free
  • Eggless
  • Vegan
  • Tested and approved gluten-free version (simply sub gluten-free flour mix)
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Soy-free and nut-free (use coconut milk or other suitable dairy-free milk)
  • Kid-approved (thank you to Kimberly’s son for being our expert taste-tester)
  • Easy to make and ready in minutes!

PREP TIME: 4 mins

COOK TIME: 6 mins

TOTAL TIME: 10 mins

Light, fluffy and delicious pancakes that are 100% vegan! These are flavoured with cinnamon and orange then topped with fresh figs and date syrup.

Serves: 6


To Serve:

  • Syrup (we used date syrup but maple syrup would be delicious too)
  • Fresh fruit (we used figs)


  1. Heat a dry frying pan on a low heat. A small non-stick works best but use your first try to assess if you need to add a small amount of oil.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
  3. Stir in the wet ingredients until well combined and the texture is runny but thick.
  4. Ladle approximately ¼ cup of the batter onto the dry pan and cook for 20-30 seconds before carefully flipping onto the other side. Cook for another 20-30 seconds.
  5. Repeat with the rest of the batter.
  6. Serve and enjoy!


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