Jackal Drops New EP, "Endorphins"

            Early April would witness Jackal’s release of “Feel It,” the lead single from his then forthcoming EP, “Endorphins.” Feel It was succeeded by “Summer In Your Arms,” the second track to drop under the EP, the project an effort to create a series of songs, and to bind said songs by a singular thread, making for a cleanly structured final product. “Endorphins isn’t just a collection of songs. It’s my first-ever real cohesive project,” Jackal notes, a statement that suggests the producer’s aspiration to craft a collection of finely tuned tracks.

            Endorphins has now been released, the four-track offering a distinct difference in direction, moving towards a tempered and yet atmospheric aesthetic that stands in contrast to Jackal’s previous, bass heavy trap releases.

            The EP is followed by a select number of EP release parties, currently limited to San Francisco, New York, and New Orleans, on June 8th, 16th, and July 28th, respectively. Tickets to each of the events may be purchased via the button provided below. It is currently unclear as to whether Jackal will be adding more EP release party destinations to his list.