ZHU Opens Registration for Underground Warehouse Party, "Blacklizt"

            A self proclaimed “Nightcrawler,” it should arrive as no surprise that “Faded” producer, ZHU, has a new evening attraction in the works, the event presumably styled in the noir aesthetic of his teased, forthcoming album, Nightcrawler.

            Just as mystery permeated the album’s video advertisement, the event, a warehouse takeover dubbed “Blacklizt,” is likewise elusive in detail, the sole known quality of the event its date, June 24th. Hosted at a currently undisclosed location in New York, Blacklizt is currently recruiting ZHU fans to register via phone number on the Blacklizt website (linked below), or by texting the letter “z” to 310-439-9666. Registration will ensure those who register access to event information as it is released, assumedly by text message.

            The Blacklizt initiative is a clear effort to return New York warehouse parties to their esoteric past, when warehouse addresses were disclosed only among event attendees, rather than posted on ticket purchase pages. The most important list to be on this June, it seems, is the Blacklizt.