Sam Feldt Attacked on Twitter By Disgruntled Opener

              The biggest “party foul” in the dance music scene is just what one might expect: using an opening slot set time as an opportunity to drop tunes either engineered by the headlining DJ preparing to take the decks, or playing staples of the genre to which the headlining act belongs. Tropical house ingénue, Sam Feldt, found himself in an encounter with an opening DJ unfamiliar with the etiquette during his appearance at Foynhagen’s Tropical Tuesday event. The opener, Burak Yeter, played Scooter as well as what Feldt later called the “biggest hit of the DJ after” in a tweet referencing the incident. That Yeter dropped Feldt’s “biggest hit” understandably could not have gone over well, but to make matters worse, Yeter took to Twitter to complain about the handling of the set, with Feldt’s manager reportedly coming on stage and consequently stopping the music.

                Yeter’s indignant message appears below, followed by Feldt’s response.