Gorillaz Release Surprise New Single, "Sleeping Powder"

The expression "expect the unexpected" bears especial relevance to the Gorillaz' latest musical offering, a single that comes unexpectedly, and notably on the heels of the group's latest album, "Humanz," released on April 28th.  

With the Gorillaz' own festival event, "Demon Dayz," set to open this weekend on Saturday, June 10th in Margate (UK), the band's debut of new music perhaps arrives as no particular surprise, yet the group's publication of a new single, released officially rather than as a festival based preview will undoubtedly catch some fans off guard. Whether the surprise single will foreshadow the Gorillaz' presentation of further new music at Devon Dayz remains to be seen, yet as all can likely agree, the odds appear favorable at the very least.