Webster Hall to Become Hogwarts for an Evening

            Webster Hall consistently draws an eccentric crowd.

            Comprised of individuals touting hair colors of various shades and unique styles of dress, Webster Hall celebrates a crowd that’s as diverse as its enthusiasm for dance music is fervent. Yet on Saturday, March 18th, the concert hall/night club seeks to amplify the anomalous in a whimsical event hosted in the hall’s very own “chamber of secrets.”

            Dubbed “Wizard Fest 2017,” Webster Hall joins with booking and management firm, The Trep Agency, to provide an evening in which one may indulge his inner wizard. Webster Hall, the host of Saturday night’s Gotham and BASSment events, will transform from a venue best suited for head banging and late night dancing to a platform for Harry Potter enthusiasts to visit a metropolitan adaptation of Hogwarts. Our only complaint? The invitation to Wizard Fest didn’t come via owl, but this is the “digital age,” after all.

            The bewitching will start at 8 PM, and continue until 1 AM. Wizards eighteen years of age and older are encouraged to clean their cloaks and polish their wands for costume contests, as prizes will be awarded to the best dressed wizards in attendance. While having their pictures snapped by on site photographers among Harry Potter visuals, participating wizards will want to leave their broomsticks home: themed drinks will be available. Haven’t you always wondered what butter beer would taste like?

          Tickets to the event begin at $15, and are expected to sell out faster than you can say “ava kedavra,” so assemble your Ron Weasley’s and Hermione Granger’s now. Fantasy is always a welcome break from reality, and with Webster Hall ever an escape from reality on any given weekend, the venue’s commitment to crafting an especially fantastical atmosphere won’t be an occasion to be missed, even if your O.W.L. is rapidly approaching.