Ibiza enacts new legislation, places tourist cap on island

          Mix Mag estimated that a 2017 trip to Ibiza would cost 1114.54 euros, or $1,309.71 U.S. dollars. The figure was calculated once a tourist traveling to Ibiza calculated her expenses over a seven-day stay, including travel to and from the island, accommodation, food, alcohol, and the like.

            The number is certainly not a one-size-fits-all estimate; those with more dance music oriented interests are likely to spend more on a trip to the island, splurging on event tickets. Yet regardless, the baseline projected by Mix Mag can only be expected to increase as Ibiza institutes new legislation that will limit the amount of beds available to tourists on the island.

            The “tourist cap” will accommodate 623,624 tourists with beds this year, but the number is expected to drop by 120,000 in succeeding years.

            The cap is the product of residents complaints that tourism on the island has led to dramatic increases in rental prices around the island, making renting less possible for those looking to explore their own island.

            While property owners will still be permitted to rent space on websites like Airbnb, they will not be allowed to do so without possession of the appropriate license to do so—failure to produce that license while renting can result in a fine of up to 400,000 euros.

Rachel NarozniakComment