Ookay's Twitter & SoundCloud accounts have been hacked

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 5.43.52 PM.png

There’s a hacker on the loose.

Last week, Carnage’s SoundCloud account saw the addition of a new track tited “Hacked by Quinn,” but the song was not published as an exclusive and unannounced Carnage tune, but rather, as a crudely produced number from a hacker named Quinn.

Known by the Twitter handle, @zg, Quinn went on to hack Slushii’s SoundCloud account. The newest on Quinn’s list of victims is Ookay. The “Thief” producer’s Twitter and SoundCloud accounts were both hacked, where Quinn notably tweeted “Hacked by Q the god Ookay u undastanddddddd,” meanwhile also editing the description and name of Ookay’s SoundCloud account to read “Hacked by Quinn.” Of course the natural question remains: who will be next?

Rachel NarozniakComment