Thomas Gold Releases Stunning First Half of New Album, "Revelation"

            If the maxim “all that glitters is not gold” holds, then Thomas Gold emerges as the sole exception to the expression, the German DJ’s productions duly illustrious and gilded in caliber, gold standards of the progressive and tech house genres.

            A passion for music deeply engrained in Gold from the impressionable young age of seven, when the “Better Versions of Myself” producer grappled with the electronic organ, Gold has since collaborated with a variety of prominent artists working within the electronic dance music genre, Swedish House Mafia derivative, Axwell, and Australian, Dirty South, exemplary of Gold’s wide ranging involvement with fellow musically inclined minds in the industry.

            Over the years, Gold has amassed a considerable following via releases that crossed genres—Gold notably emerged as a producer generating tracks within the trance genre—and performances that only served to expand the foundation on which Gold would build his career as both a musician and a producer. Gold could be found on the main stage of Tomorrowland in 2011, a landmark opportunity that would inspire his headlining performances at Space Miami, Pacha, New York, and Ministry of Sound, among countless appearances since.

            The decision to venture into a new aesthetic of sound—progressive and tech house—would be a turning point in Gold’s career, albeit a shift in direction that would only point Gold to further achievement, success that takes the tangible form of “Revelation (Part 1),” the first half of the album released today by Gold. With the energetic “Better Versions of Myself” the first half’s lead single, Gold listeners knew to expect an album whose quality would reflect its title, the masterfully constructed five tracks that comprise the first half a “revelation” of sound as Gold expands his presence in a different genre.

            A sampling of what remains yet to come on the album’s second half, pending release, Revelation (Part 1) denotes a light hearted yet contemplative collection of sound, a musical grouping of which the M.BRONX collab, “Saints & Sinners” arises as the album’s crown jewel. Possessive of a distinct sound when approached individually, the five tracks unite to form a cohesive album that can only predict a favorable reception for the album’s second half.

Revelation (Part 1) may be streamed on Spotify