This Weekend's Axwell ^ Ingrosso Shows to Leave Depot 52, Move to Terminal 5

            The cancellation of the Depot 52 based Eric Prydz show on Saturday, March 4th was the source of pronounced disappointment for fans eager to witness a four-hour Brooklyn set delivered by the legendary “Pryda.” The event’s closure supposedly the consequence of permit issues, Light & Life, the “Teksupport” of the dual date Axwell ^ Ingrosso shows scheduled for Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 18th, has decided to move the approaching March shows to Terminal 5 in the interest of avoiding similar problems with the Brooklyn venue as the warehouse continues to address the Prydz debacle.

            Those expected to supply support to the Friday show—Jonas Blue, SG Lewis, and Salvatore Ganacci—as well as those slated to provide the same for the Satuday show—SG Lewis, The Him, and Shapov—will remain on the event’s billing, the set times the sole other variation in the event’s scheduling. In accordance with Terminal 5’s traditional hours of operation, doors/curfew to the respective shows is from 8 PM-2 AM. While several alterations have now been made by Light & Life to the Axwell ^ Ingrosso weekend affair, ticket holders may rest easy with the knowledge that the tickets that they have purchased “will be valid for Terminal 5 per the day that the ticket was purchased for.”

            In addition to the announcement of the recent adjustments, Light & Life has also noted in their informational Facebook post—posted to their page four hours prior—that a “limited sale” for the final tier of available Friday tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, March 15th at 10 AM. Saturday remains sold out. Light & Life's official Facebook post appears below.