SoundCloud Go Just Introduced a Cheaper Subscription Option

            SoundCloud is ever changing it seems, and in accordance with its constant development, the popular cloud based streaming platform has amended the outline of its paid subscription service, “SoundCloud Go.” Originally offered at $9.99 per month, the subscription removed the burden of advertisements from subscribers’ listening ques, a minor inconvenience to some, an intolerable interruption to others. While the double-digit cost of SoundCloud Go naturally attracted some subscribers—and likely those hateful of the aforementioned commercial breaks in between songs—the option may have been too overpriced to garner the number of subscribers desired by the streaming site.

            As such, SoundCloud Go has launched a new subscription, available for nearly half the price of the original tier at $5.99 per month. The $9.99 subscription level will remain, the $5.99 tier merely an additive to the initial $9.99 price tier. Registration for the $5.99 cost will yield subscribers access to over 120 million tracks, no dreaded ads, and offline listening. The difference between tiers? Four extra dollars will earn you 30 million more tracks, no song previews—30 second snippets often mistaken for full length versions—and access to songs that appear accordingly on the SoundCloud “plus” section of the website.

            Those interested in either subscription type may preview the subscription(s) with a free, 30-day trial, linked below.