Brain Freeze! Slushii Releases New Single, "I Still Recall"

           Slushii’s provided us with something new to sip on.

            The New Jersey native dropped his new single, “I Still Recall,” Friday, January 13th, a day that despite its superstition, would play host to the release of some new rad tunes. The Chainsmokers notably dropped their long teased track, “Paris” on Friday the 13th, while Grey likewise debuted “I Miss You,” a song featuring Bahari.

            “I Still Recall” follows Slushii’s previous single, “To Say Goodbye”—released three months prior—and his remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” a remake that is also three months old now. The 3:12 track bridges the gap between Slushii’s past offerings and the present, and if anything can be said about “I Still Recall,” it would be that it sure is good to hear from the dubstep and electro house taste maker. While Slushii recently offered a remix of Sarina Paris’s “Look At Us,” commonly known from Konami's Dance Dance Revolution, we have to admit we missed the tonal originality of his self produced songs.

            “I Still Recall”—not unlike The Chainsmokers’ “Paris”—is a dreamy track situated in one’s memory of the past, whose romantic events are undoubtedly romanticized via the act of reminiscence. The song’s particularly strong point emerges at 2:30, the song’s build that heightens in a cacophony of sound that is distinctly Slushii.

            Listen to “I Still Recall” below.