Calvin Harris's New Single Displays New Angle of Hit Maker's Ability

            If the weekend could be identified by a specific style of sound, that style would be Calvin Harris, the Scottish DJ having proved his knack for channeling the carefree vibe of the weekend via each flawless track produced, with 2014 hit, “Summer” materializing as a prime initial example, and 2016 single, “My Way,” an effortless continuation.

            Mere days ago, Harris took to Twitter to announce forthcoming “joyous music” in a frenzy of repetitive exclamation marks, no doubt a denotation of Harris’s enthusiasm to release the “joyous” track in reference, “Slide.” A triple threat with regard to artistic talent, “Slide” implements the talents of “Thinkin’ Bout You” producer, Frank Ocean, and hip hop tastemakers, Migos. Ocean and Migos may surface as names perhaps unexpectedly associated with Harris’s, given Harris’s affiliation with dance music, and Ocean and Migos’s deeply engrained involvement with the stylistics of modern hip hop, yet the unlikely combination makes for a track unlike anything released as of late, “Slide” possessive of a distinctly individual feel.

            Harris temporarily shelves his signature explosive drops—evidenced by “This is What You Came For” and “Blame”—for a comparatively laid back progression of sound the develops in a relaxed quality as Ocean’s smooth vocals unfold at the song’s onset. An accordingly tempered side of Migos is exhibited thereafter, a welcome diversion from the intensity demonstrated by the three-part hip hop entity on the infectious track storming the charts, “Bad and Boujee.”

            Much in the manner of “Bad and Boujee,” “Slide” too is expected to do right by its name, to “slide” down the charts to claim elite standing status.