"Get Closer" to Up and Coming DJ Duo, SHADES, With Recent XYLO Remix

           If abiding by the saying “it’s not who you want to spend Friday night with but all day Saturday with,” then take today to cozy up with your person of choice to the SHADES remix of XYLO’s “Get Closer.”

            An intoxicatingly smooth vocal supplied by XYLO—you’ll recognize XYLO’s vocals from recent Chainsmokers release, “Setting Fires”—paired with a slinky background beat renders the song a demure and subtle approach to electronic dance music engineering, making it a track best suited for casual relaxation.

            If the SHADES re-imagination of “Get Closer” is any indication of the groove that the NYC based DJ/producing duo plans to take in the coming year, then SHADES’s components, Thomas Matera and Julien Johnson will not long for fans, their distinct style—a “blend” of EDM and pop elements—primed for an inevitable attraction of dance music enthusiasts. It’s the dual and at times non-EDM quality of SHADES’s veritable EDM productions that set the pair’s work apart. Devoid of overworked bpm counts and reworked drops recycled on various tracks, SHADES’s music bespeaks an innovation and originality that the genre has long lusted for after its explosion of popularity among DJs and producers of all kinds.

            Once members of the same youth baseball team, Matera and Johnson seem poised to strike a musical homerun; so long as the duo continues to play the production game, we’ll continue to play their tracks, cheering for the success of SHADES like parents encouraging their children from the sidelines of a baseball game. Listen to the SHADES remix of “Get Closer” below.