Tiesto Sells Out Brooklyn Hangar Shows in Matter of Minutes

            To secure a “rave bae” for the rapidly approaching, heart festooned Valentine’s Day holiday, one might turn to Tiesto for inspiration.

            Given his longevity within the dance music scene—Tiesto’s career dates back to 1994 when he first signed to Basic Beat Records—and the success that the Dutch hit maker has accrued since his developmental stages as a fledgling DJ/producer, it is perhaps surprising that February 24th and 25th will mark Tiesto’s first Brooklyn performances.

            The site where hip hop came of age—despite its Bronx birth—and the host to various jazz bars and clubs, Brooklyn has long maintained its reputation as a locality in which music thrives. Dominated now by the underground scene that runs rampant among Brooklyn’s many “secret” warehouses and chic 21+ venues, Brooklyn will welcome Tiesto to play at The Brooklyn Hangar, a space previously used in the manufacturing of airplane parts.

            Found on 2 52nd street, the hangar will provide an alternative contrast to the venues played by Tiesto, who in his run has delivered house and trance sounds to crowds all over the world. A setting that is drastically more intimate in comparison to the festivals at which Tiesto often appears, The Brooklyn Hangar is expected to yield a different Tiesto than the one to be witnessed at Lavo on his January 12th show at the club.

            The opportunity to see Tiesto perform a sort of “first” at this stage in his career is a novelty—for the MixMag named “Greatest DJ Of All Time” has essentially “done it all” at this point—and one comprehended accordingly by Tiesto fans. Upon announcement of the February 24th show, Tiesto enthusiasts readied their bank accounts for ticket purchases—the tickets officially went on sale today, January 10th at 10 AM, selling out within a matter of minutes.

            The clear demand for tickets led the DJ to announce another show on February 25th to follow the excited response to the initial February 24th show. Tickets to the February 25th show likewise sold out, meaning that those quick enough to score a ticket to either show date will see an exclusive side of Tiesto perhaps unrevealed to the general public at his larger scale shows. Both events are 18+, each set to begin at 9 PM and conclude in typical BK fashion at 4 AM.

            Given the highly anticipated quality of the two shows, one would not have to look long or hard to seek someone special to attend the show with: this year it seems roses are out of fashion, supplanted by Tiesto tickets.

The Brooklyn Hangar, depicted above, is a large warehouse space sure to assist in the creation of the authentic, underground vibe specific to the BK music scene.