Cash Cash & Rozes Join Forces on Captivating New Track "Matches"

            Her voice is one of the most—if not the most—recognizable in the electronic dance music genre, her unmistakable vocals the catalyst for The Chainsmokers’ massive commercial success on the 2015 release, “Roses,” and since imbuing Big Gigantic’s “-” with a vocal strength that constitutes much of the song’s intensity. You should by now know her name—Rozes—and if you don’t, it’s worth committing to memory, the singer/songwriter now a fixture of the dance music genre.

            Having now located her musical niche, Rozes continues to bloom within the music industry, blossoming on the latest Cash Cash offering on which she appears as the song’s featured singer, “Matches.” “I remember how we used to be so beautiful, you broke my heart at sixteen,” the track opens, Rozes—the song’s writer—tracing heartbreak to a tender and introductory age.

            With Rozes having supplied a once again flawless vocal part, Cash Cash enters the equation, developing a drop that is a departure from the trio’s characteristic energetic EDM pop sound and more of a gravitation towards a trumpet-esque, funk approach, the song exploding in the upbeat drop as Rozes proclaims “you were made of matches and you burned me to the ground.”

            Matches materializes as a chance collaboration, Rozes and Cash Cash crossing paths unexpectedly at AMP radio’s “Let It Snow” event in Philadelphia months prior. Upon meeting, Rozes enlisted the help of Cash Cash in the production of the song, and Matches was born. A single sure to burn up the charts, Matches appears below.