Porter Robinson Clarifies Twitter Statements Via Snapchat

            All eyes were on Porter Robinson’s social media accounts yesterday, yet the Georgia born DJ/producer entertained no interest in taking “Shelter” from the “Sea of Voices” discussing his most recent Twitter announcement.

            Said Twitter announcement went live on Monday, January 23rd at 7:37 PM, where Robinson provided a screenshot of eleven of his songs with the caption “No disrespect but this is the canon. Everything else is unofficial now. I’ve been making music for twelve years and only wrote eleven songs wow.” Robinson followed the tweet with another: “f*ck this.”

           The tweets were understandably jolting for Robinson fans passionate about music not included on the succinct list of eleven songs. While some speculated that Robinson had used a ghost writer/producer to produce the songs that didn’t make the cut for the “canon,” others asserted that Robinson was simply advancing his image as an artist and producer, the act of disowning past music a move that signaled his desire to no longer be associated with the style of music excluded from the list.

            The act appeared a bit dramatic for an artist merely seeking to evolve his sound—as wouldn’t one be proud of prior tracks, on account of the growth made visible by the existence of such prior tracks as compared to more current releases? Given the “random” quality of the Twitter announcement, others recalled a Spotify playlist titled “Essential Porter” that featured the same eleven songs. As fans assumed, and as we reported, the tweets were likely a materialization of Robinson’s offense taken by the playlist, and duly by the clear suggestion that only eleven songs of Robinson’s discography might be considered “essential.”

            The theory was a welcome and accepted justification for the Twitter outburst, albeit one that Robinson sought to debunk via his Snapchat account (@porterrobinson). In a series of five black screen images with text, Robinson referenced his tweets, clarifying that the eleven songs he claimed are “the only songs” that he stands by. “I was not being sarcastic,” the “Lionhearted” DJ writes.

         In a perhaps unexpected twist, Robinson even claimed authorship of the “Essential Porter” playlist, a collection “made to showcase the music [Robinson] feels proud of.” Robinson went on to convey that his Twitter announcement was "100% unprovoked by anything," it was in actuality just how he "feels." Robinson thanked fans and demonstrated his disinterest in furthering discussion on the topic, stating that it was "time to get off the internet and add to that list of songs [he is] proud of." Now that the majority of Porter's previous tunes have seemingly been scrapped, it appears time to say "Goodbye to a World" of Porter that some of us have known and loved, despite the artist's disowning of that world.

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