Prydz Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Deceased Fan in New Release, "Lillo"

          When he isn’t hitting us with those signature laser beams, he’s showing brilliant shades of his humanity. The 2016 “Opus” producer and Swedish DJ, Eric Prydz demonstrated that he was equally as mindful of the underground and mainstream community that has long been transfixed by his style—a tasteful blend of house and techno—via the release of a new single that dropped Wednesday December 28, 2016 on Pryda Recordings. The new “Pryda” track bears a sharp sentimentality; titled “Lillo,” the song is a direct tribute to fan, James Lillo, who made himself visible as a Prydz supporter via Reddit. Diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer, Lillo hoped to see Eric Prydz perform as part of his EPIC tour before his eventual passing, and solicited an East Coast Prydz performance on the social media platform that was received by the Prydz camp. The team made plans to fly Lillo out for a January 1st show, with a vow to donate all proceeds to a charity chosen by Lillo. Just as Lillo's dream to see Prydz was about to come to fruition, Lillo passed just a week before the show.

            Deeply touched, Prydz strove to honor the memory of his fan, doing so on a tremendous scale. Prydz performed two shows in memory of Lillo, and donated an upwards of the $60,000 of generated funds from the shows to the Cancer Research Institute. In a final nod to Lillo, Prydz bestowed perhaps the chief of all musical honors upon the young man, naming the song “Lillo” after the namesake inspiration. Thanks to Prydz, Lillo lives on in the musical essence of his favorite DJ and producer, immortalized via music. “Lillo” features a sound that is gentle but hopeful, listen below.