Mixed Reactions Surround HARD Summer's Festival Trailer

            Just as it has known for its consecutively impeccable lineups over the year, festival brand, HARD summer is likewise known for its festival trailers, videos that are more cinematic than advertisement in nature.

            Dubbed “GRL PWR,” the trailer for HARD Summer’s milestone 10th anniversary continues HARD’s trend of crafting a fully developed video experience. Featuring a sleazy booking agent who focuses on attracting women of all ages, shapes, and ethnicities to the event, viewers will see some of the DJs that appear on the lineup dressed in drag, playing female in an elaborate scheme cooked up by the booking agent to have “new women” at the festival. Among the actors is Parisian producer, DJ Snake.

            The video’s director, Agata Alexandar, remarked on the concept behind the goofy trailer: “I decided that I wanted powerful male artists to do something crazy to make a point. It’s important for men to step forward and support women as loud as they can…[the video] catches your attention as the absurdity of the situation becomes more clear and it’s important that the fans of these men look at the video and hopefully understand what’s wrong with our world.” Alexander seeks to highlight the discrepancy of women DJs and producers in the male dominated dance music industry.

            Women producers are strongly represented on the HARD lineup, with Nina Las Vegas, Tinashe, Anna Lunoe, and others set to appear. HARD Summer is one of the few festivals to have adjusted its lineup after criticism that the lineup was unbalanced, marked by a surplus of male performers on the bill.

            Despite HARD’s address of a major issue in the industry, some viewers have chastised the video for its approach, the trailer depicting material that might be offensive to female viewers, and furthermore, taking what critics have called a “childish” tone. The concern rests in the trailer’s propensity to trivialize the problem via an overly joking tone that at times, borders on crudeness.

            Regardless, the videography is worth the watch. The trailer is linked below.