Starting Fall 2017, You Can Go to School for Audio Engineering for Free in This State

            The state of New York made headlines this week, the source of the state’s buzz its origination as the only state in the country to offer “universal public college tuition coverage” for students whose families adhere to the working and middle-class financial designations.

            The tuition coverage is slated to take effect next fall via the “Excelsior Scholarship program,” an organization whose commencement will begin by extending full tuition coverage for four-year colleges and universities for those students whose families generate an income below $100,000 per year. The Scholarship program will debut on the FAFSA that students seeking financial aid will complete for the anticipated fall 2017 semester.

            Revolutionary in concept, New York’s plan to make higher education more accessible to New York residents will only evaluate candidates on the basis of residency and income; applicants for the aid must reside in New York, and similarly, must earn an income below $100,000. The sole requirements for aid award, the program will fulfill the financial aid needs of all qualified without imposing a limit on the number of students that may receive aid, a measure that renders the funding program “the nation’s first accessible college program,” according to New York governor, Governor Cuomo.

            Once enrolled in the Excelsior Scholarship program, students are expected to maintain a credit load of thirty credits per year while satisfying the minimum GPA requirements determined by their respective institutions. Bearing no age limit, the program welcomes all eligible students to apply, even adult students who will be entering college for the first time. The program’s implementation functions as the first step in an arduous mission to make higher education an option for those interested.

            For more information on the Excelsior Scholarship, visit the link via the button, provided below.

Rachel NarozniakComment