Malaa Releases New Single, "Bylina"

            “It’s all about the house music,” proclaims the voice overlaid on “Bylina,” an exclusive new track that dropped mere hours ago from house music tastemaker, Malaa, and we’d be hard pressed to disagree.

            Malaa, a ski masked DJ/producing entity has made waves in the house genre since the alias’s appearance in 2015, a year that elicited a constant and consistent question among dance music fans: who is Malaa? Since 2015, Malaa has engineered and posted various same titled mixes— “Who is Malaa?”—to his SoundCloud account. 2016 in turn yielded the ten-city “Lunatic” tour of which REZZ, known for her sinister techno beats, was a headliner. As Malaa has gained in popularity, an ambassador of “real house music,” many have speculated that Malaa is less of a “he” and more of a “they,” setting their sights on DJ Snake and Tchami as potential participants in the supposed “sideproject” due to constant crediting among the three identities on various musical projects.

            A more important question predominates: does it really matter who Malaa is? The answer: no, so long as he/they continue to play the part of house god, releasing the hottest house rhythms. Bylina materializes as no exception nor disappointment to Malaa and house music fans alike. Christened by a vocal monologue—characteristic to Malaa’s style, Malaa’s monlogues typically champion house music, declaring it to be a “spiritual experience,” for example—Bylina is rife with the dark synths that have constituted Malaa’s style since 2015.

            The track bears a considerable auditory similarity to “Adieu,” the latest Tchami release that debuted three days ago. Are the common—mainly introductory sounds—of both songs indicative of a Tchami involvement, or at least influence? The former is possible, the latter probable. Both tracks appear below, determine whether there is any credibility to the “Tchami is—in some manner—Malaa” theory.