Kaskade is Nearly Unrecognizable on New Single, "Let It Out"

          As fixtures of the festival/rave scene can testify, it’s nearly impossible not to shed at least a single tear during a Kaskade set as the progressive DJ’s signature atmospheric tones build only to mount in a drop whose profundity mirrors that of the song’s lyrical content. Ready your tissues this festival season, for Kaskade has unexpectedly released a new track that will require ravers to tuck an extra pack of pocket tissues into their fanny packs.

            Dubbed “Let It Out,” the ballad calls on the vocals of Haley, who can be remembered from Kaskade’s 2010 release, “Don’t Wait.” Layered over gentle piano chords, Haley’s piercing vocal traces the collapse of a love affair through a lens of nostalgia complemented by subtle yet necessary bass moments. “Let It Out” is a slower song, and therefore a more intimate snapshot of Kaskade’s musical ability not demonstrated by prior releases like the thumping “Disarm You.” Listen to the track below.