Miami Music Week Official Website Discloses More Exclusive MMW Events

            In just over a month—forty-one days to be exact, but who’s counting? —Miami will witness the top names in EDM land in the palm tree bedecked city, primed to motivate late night dancers to remain on their feet via the deliverance of electrifying sets in Miami’s premiere nightclubs as Miami Music Week commences on Tuesday, March 21st.

            The more adamant of intended MMW attendees have no doubt kept their focus on Miami Music Week’s official website, where new events are unveiled on a daily basis, and associated tickets sell out price tiers in affairs that are mere matters of minutes. Our recent perusal of the website has far from left us empty handed in terms of newly posted events, and not surprisingly, we’re determined to share our wealth of knowledge.

1.     Marshmello at Story: An event in which headlining DJ and hosting venue are equal in acclaim, Marshmello’s Story booking seems to suggest that the jet puffed “Alone” producer just might make phase two of Ultra Music Festival’s lineup—a phase that still has yet to be released—given his timely appearance. A sprawling nightclub illuminated by neon shaded “concert style lighting,” five bars, and 27,000 square feet of dance space, Story is not coincidentally a must stop in the landscape of Miami nightlife. Before a backdrop of electronic effects, Marshmello will play on Thursday, March 23rd. The event begins at 11 PM, and in Miami fashion, extends to 5 AM.

Story Miami features state of the art lighting and sound systems, as shown above

2.     Thomas Gold & Friends at Heart: If the maxim “tell me with who you walk and I’ll tell you who you are” is interpreted as veritable, then Thomas Gold’s “friends” set to appear with the “Better Versions Of Myself” producer at Heart on Thursday, March 23rd will bear a level of talent comparable to that of Thomas Gold himself. Kicking off at 11 PM and lasting until 6 AM, fans of progressive/tech house will want to waste no time in acquiring a ticket to the event. A more casual nightclub, Heart emerges as the venue that is ideal for the dance music enthusiast seeking not a wild night, but a sophisticated one. Complete with a roof terrace that tops the club’s various levels, Heart is a more “toned down” Miami club experience, but is by no means inferior to more energetic clubs like Story. 

Heart's rooftop terrace, pictured above, offers a more intimate dance music experience than the settings of other popular Miami nightclubs