ICYMI: Misha K Just Dropped the Hottest Remix of the Release Week

            This one is sure to make your pulse quicken.

            Friday, March 3rd witnessed the release of several new dance music offerings; Gryffin, Illenium, and Daya countered with “Feel Good,” Bassnectar dropped a dirty remix of Buku’s “Front to Back,” and “Starving” duo, Grey, added another remake to their collection of tracks, “Do You Remember.” Among the array of exclusive EDM additions put forth on March 3rd was the latest from Misha K, “Pulse,” a sultry re-imagination of the Louis Vivet original.

            “Pulse” serves as an answer to Misha K’s previous remix of the Britney Spears/Tinashe hit, “Slumber Party,” a delightfully upbeat spinoff on the original that attracted over 100,000 views on VEVO, where the remix appeared on Britney Spears’s VEVO channel in an official recognition of Misha’s work. Misha K solidified his status as a certified hit maker with the 2016 debut of “Lyra,” an electric collab with Canadian DJ duo, Paris & Simo.

            With several Galantis remixes under his belt— “In My Head” and “No Money”—Misha K proves once more that he is a master mixer via “Pulse,” a sleek take on the Louis Vivet original. Likened in tone to Alesso’s “Take My Breath Away,” Misha K’s remix similarly opens with atmospheric chords that amplify as the song’s vocals build to invite a deeply satisfying electro drop at the song’s 0:45 second mark. “Pulse” receives a tasteful quickening of pace in the Misha K remake, a rapidity that defines the Misha K remix, that sets the alternative version apart from the original.

            The track warrants a listen, and as such, both the original and the Misha K remix of “Pulse” appear below to be streamed. We can feel it in our “pulse” after listening: Misha K is a powerhouse producer here to stay.