Watch Out For This: Misha K and Paris & Simo to Play LAVO Saturday, Jan 28th

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           The last time the name “Misha K” appeared on Crust Nation, it was in praise of the Russian DJ/producer’s youthful remix of Britney Spears’s Tinashe feature, “Slumber Party.” An official remix that would surface as the diamond of the official remixes commissioned for Spears’s single, the Misha K re-imagination of “Slumber Party” has gone on to attract over 100,000 views on the Vevo video, a number that continues to ascend, in accordance with Misha K’s notoriety.

            Those who have followed Misha K’s career as it continues to expand with exponential possibility—with the New York native notable for his production of official remixes not only for Spears, but for Galantis—will look to save the date, as Misha K is set to appear at popular NYC nightclub, LAVO, on Saturday, January 28th. LAVO enthusiasts will recognize the name “Misha K:” the DJ is no stranger to the luxe of the club, having appeared various times prior to deliver his unmistakably energetic collection of sounds to club goers. LAVO’s continued booking of the dynamic house producer conveys K’s consistent ability to motivate clubbers to dance into the single digit hours of the morning.

            The January 28th LAVO event will be an increasingly intimate experience, on account of Misha K’s relationship to the evening’s headlining act, Canadian duo, Paris & Simo. Paris & Simo and Misha K have been “friends for ages,” according to Misha. The progressive house pair joined forces with Misha to produce “Lyra,” a single released on Eclypse Records almost a year ago that skyrocketed, becoming one of the biggest tracks supported by the record label. The track is linked below. Due to the DJs’ longevity of relation, it’s inevitable that both acts will play positively off of the other, each complementing the other’s unique style.

            Paris & Simo may be remembered for their victory in a remix contest hosted in 2011 that sought the best re-imagination of Tiesto’s “Work Hard Play Hard.” The Montreal born duo used the contest as a platform to open new doors within the industry; Hardwell shortly signed the group to his Revealed Recordings label, where Paris & Simo dropped various successful songs featuring the likes of 3LAU and Mako.

            Now that Paris & Simo have demonstrated their rightful claim to a position within the dance music genre, having appeared at Electric Daisy Carnival and Las Vegas’s Marquee among other prominent festivals/venues, Paris & Simo return to New York to treat LAVO attendees to an unforgettable evening of music bearing just the right electronic charge.

            As both Misha K and Paris & Simo will be testing new music, the event is not one to be forgone—if missed, any dance music aficionado will simply be “out of the know,” not having heard K’s and Paris & Simo’s latest tracks destined to prepare each entity to increased electronic achievement.