"Jackhole" of The Week Award Goes to Feed Me for Revealing Marshmello's Identity

           Those familiar with TV personality, Andy Cohen’s Bravo supported evening talk/comedy show, “Watch What Happens Live,” will be familiar with a title awarded by Cohen weekly, namely “Jackhole of The Week.” While always awarded in good humor to poke fun at one's blunder(s), “Jackhole of The Week” not surprisingly goes to the person to commit the most “jackhole”—you can reasonably guess what that means—move of the week. Although not formally featured by Cohen on WWHL, if the title were to be awarded within the dance music community, it seems that Feed Me would be first in line to win the sarcastically formed status.

            Mistakes happen. Let’s recall that even world famous DJs are humans and are therefore fallible (crazy, right?) and here to affirm that even DJs err is Feed Me, who accidentally revealed Marshmello’s identity via a Snapchat story on his account that clearly went unscrutinized before its posting. While Feed Me dons the infamous Mello helmet in a goofy selfie, complete with black x’s for eyes and wide black grin, the real Marshmello remains visible in the photo’s background, clad in the white long sleeve shirt and white jeans that have become the once mysterious DJ’s trademark.

Chris Comstock, "Dotcom"

Chris Comstock, "Dotcom"

            Rumors surfaced long ago that Marshmello was American DJ, Chris Comstock, otherwise known by his stage name, “Dotcom.” Indeed, even an innocent typing of “Dotcom” into Google’s upper search bar will directly link to Marshmello’s official website. While that’s inexplicable, perhaps just the result of a link inevitably formed via common searches of the names “Dotcom” and “Marshmello,” the figure in the background—albeit a blurry picture—does appear to be Dotcom, recognizable by his brown locks and overall facial resemblance.

           As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in novel, The Great Gatsby, “all the bright precious things fade so fast, and they don’t come back,” the mystery that once surrounded Marshmello’s identity clearly materializing as one such “bright precious thing.” Yet no matter, identity known or not, we know we'll all still listen to Marshmello's future releases with the same level of rapture.