Marshmello Gets Sticky Sweet in "Summer" Heat: Video for "Summer" Finally Drops

            Those with a sweet tooth will be pleased to discover that there’s a new manner in which to indulge their sugary cravings. No, it’s not the next gimmick in “healthy” snacking, it’s Marshmello’s music video for “Summer,” a short 2:50 minute production that debuted on YouTube on January 9th.

            Featuring Vine personality, Eleonora—more commonly known by her nickname, “Lele”—Pons, “Summer” positions a bashful Pons as Mello’s love interest at the roller skating rink at which he works. “Will you skate with me tonight?” reads the handwritten note that Pons slips to Marshmello, the question bordered by pink hand drawn hearts.

            In the style of Marshmello’s previous music videos—i.e. “Alone” and “Ritual”— “Summer” offers a wholesome story line that momentarily liberates viewers from the bitter cold of the winter season. An added bonus? “Summer” allows the “mellogang” a rare peek at the namesake DJ in clothing other than the white, long sleeved shirt he usually sports. In accordance with the supposed heat of summer, Marshmello wears a polo shirt—white, of course.

            Watch the video for “Summer” below, replay it without hesitation: however saccharine, it’s 0 calories.