Marshmello Joins The Class of 2017 in "Moving On" Video, Out Today

            The graduating class of 2017 will find one specific saccharine member among it this year.

            Marshmello exchanges his trademark white long sleeve T-shirt and jeans for a white graduation gown in the music video for his latest release, “Moving On.” Clad in graduation attire besides fellow “graduates,” Slushii and Skrillex, the “Alone” hit maker crafts yet another endearing music video that is not without its humorous moments—note that Mello presses the “prerecorded set” button as he takes the podium at graduation.

            Moving On is a track that has dwelled in Marshmello’s musical arsenal for two years now, only recently resurfacing in Mello branded sets. The single originally appeared in a Facebook post on Marshmello’s artist page as a teaser, but would remain unreleased in the time since. Moving On is classic Mello in aesthetic, with a looping vocal sample, bouncy synths, and an overall lighthearted vibe.

            What might Marshmello's "senior superlative" be? Our best guess: "most likely to become a world famous DJ/producer."