"Techmau5" Makes Unexpected Appearance at Decadence AZ, Much to Crowd's Dismay

          When he’s not producing complex electronic beats in the studio, he’s producing “tough love” –if ever such a concept did exist.

           deadmau5, ever a fan of Twitter it seems, composed a series of characteristically sarcastic tweets in response to fans’ complaints regarding his New Year’s Eve 2016 set at the Arizona version of the Decadence festival. Fans of the Canadian DJ/producer took to social media following the performance to chastise deadmau5’s decision to present a set heavily influenced by techno, a choice of sound clearly unexpected and undesired by those who perhaps looked forward to a more traditional mau5 set.

          Some attendees remarked that the set was “boring,” while others were a little more aggressive in their criticism; a tweet from an audience member that surfaced on Twitter read “Who knew @deadmau5 sucked so much, can you play something good? Thanks…”

           Infamous for his musical versatility, deadmau5’s gravitation towards the techno genre should not necessarily come as a surprise; the DJ recently debuted a hip hop infused collaboration with Shotty Horroh—a gritty number titled “Legendary”—that reflects deadmau5’s ability and preference to work across genres when inspired to do so. Listen to the new track above.

          The new release aside, deadmau5 has additionally been known to tap into his techno side on occasion, most frequently at deadmau5 hosted festival after parties. Such occurrences have earned deadmau5 a circumstantial alter ego: the “Techmau5.”

          Although diehard mau5 fans surely enjoyed the surprise turn of the Decadence set, deadmau5 did not hesitate to address the displeased parties of the audience in several scathing statements. Fueled by his classic "devil may care" attitude, the deadmau5 tweets appear below.

         If there's anything to be learned by the Decadence AZ crowd, it's that the "Techmau5" is here to stay, whether anyone likes it or not.