EDC LV Lineup to Be Revealed Next Thursday at 6 PM

            The wait to EDC Las Vegas, and accordingly, its lineup reveal might nearly be over, but you’re still going to have to work to discover the artists playing the festival’s twenty-first edition this year.

            As in previous years, the lineup will be released via a 200 songlineup reveal mega mix” on Night Owl Radio lasting an hour in duration. Listeners will decipher snippets of songs, to determine who will be playing the massive event, and at what stage. The audio clips will be organized by stage.

            The Night Owl Radio reveal will take place next Thursday at 6 pm PT. A live link to the radio show will be posted on associated EDC LV accounts to allow ticket holders to tune in to see just what’s in store this season. Those attending the Insomniac mainstay will want to set a reminder to catch the show, or alternatively, might find letting others piece together the lineup an easier way of obtaining the same information.