Laidback Luke shares his thoughts on DJ Mag's controversial Top 100 contest in log [WATCH]

            With the polls open for DJ Mag’s Top 100 2017, Laidback Luke has devoted a vlog to the annual, and often controversial, contest.

            The twelve-minute video recounts the history of the Top 100 contest, tracing Carl Cox’s evolving placement in the contest over the years of the contest’s production. That he placed before Carl Cox on the Top 100 list, Luke asserts, highlights the contest’s growing focus on market popularity, and marketing budgets.

            Laidback Luke explains DJs’ tendencies to invest thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars in campaigns designed to increase their probability of getting top rankings within the contest. The Top 100 contest is, essentially, a genius profiting scheme for DJ Mag, as Luke highlights. Luke notes that he does not invest a dime in the contest.

            “The more popular the DJ gets, the higher the ticket price,” Laidback Luke states, drawing a connection between the contest’s rankings and the soaring ticket prices that result thereafter. As Luke implies but does not openly remark, the DJ Mag contest almost backfires on those who vote their favorite DJ into a top placing spot, leaving the fans to pick up the inevitably higher ticket prices once that top spot is won.

            Laidback Luke's vlog may be watched in full below.