Could You Define "Future House" For One Million Dollars?

Laidback Luke takes to Twitter to explain away the mystery surrounding "future house"

             If you’re reading this, you’re either under the impression that there is indeed one million dollars to be won in exchange for your knowledge of future house or alternatively, you’re here to learn just what is meant by the phrase. If here for the former reason, as much as we hate to be the bearer of bad news, there is no one million dollar sum to be won—sorry. If here for the latter reason, stick around as we define one of the vaguer musical categories within the genre of electronic dance music.

            The term “future house” is one you’ve probably heard before, and given your grasp of house music, its elements, and its general sound, you likely have an idea as to what 50% of the phrase “future house” signifies. But what about the other 50%?  What constitutes the “future” of “future house?” Let’s get down to it.

            A phrase coined by Dutch DJ, Laidback Luke, “future house refers to the fusing of deep house and house sounds. Examples of future house include Laidback Luke, Tchami, and Oliver Heldens. In a comical play on words, Laidback Luke claims future house as the “future of EDM.” Perhaps Luke is right; the Philippine native credits future house as a musical expanse of opportunity within a genre that has become saturated with hit makers in search of a new sound, an approach that hasn’t previously been implemented.

            To find yet another example of future house at work, look no further than Mesto and Fox Stevenson’s track, “Chatterbox,” released via Spinnin’ Records. The track meshes deep house and house components to earn its designation as a "future house" single; once one knows what elements to look for--specifically house/deep house--it becomes increasingly easy to recognize each factor as it materializes in the song. Sample the upbeat "Chatterbox" below then emulate the song: become your own Chatterbox in telling your friends about the energetic track.