Two Friends put playful spin on KYLE & Lil Yachty's iSpy

            They might not have taken over the dance/electronic music charts with their hip hop hit this spring, but KYLE and Lil Yachty nonetheless dominated charts with the release of their fun collaboration “iSpy.”

            An infectiously catchy number to which both rappers contribute verses duly comical and lighthearted in nature, the fan favorite now receives an update from Matt and Eli, better known in the dance music sphere as Two Friends. Swapping the song’s introductory, video game-esque sound for a piano backdrop, Two Friends condenses KYLE’s verse, cutting more quickly to the track’s chorus than in the original, simultaneously speeding up the rhythm of the single. Of the more pronounced alterations in the Two Friends remake is the song’s drop, an energetic, trumpeted descent from the song’s respective verses.

            While less hip hop in quality than in its original form, the Two Friends remix is a creative, fresh take on KYLE and Lil Yachty’s tune.