If a female rapper wants to be signed to Rick Ross's label, he'll expect to "f*ck a couple of times"

            Rick Ross has a history of making “inappropriate” comments, “inappropriate” being a generous designation for the misogynistic overtones present in many of his remarks.

            Despite the rapper’s record of offensive statements and the discord that has been engendered by such statements, Ross still hasn’t found a censor, as evidenced by his interview with the Breakfast Club two days ago, where Ross appeared to speak on a variety of topics, ranging from Meek Mill to his potential for signing a female rapper to his Maybach Music Group label.

            When asked about the latter, Ross’s response led the males present in the room to unanimously break out in laughter, but Ross’s comment will likely prove to be comparatively far less comical to those listeners not seated in the interview room. “You know,” Ross states, “I never did it because I always thought I would end up f*cking the female rapper, f*cking the business up. I’m so focused on the business. I gotta be honest with you! She looking good, I’m spending so much money on the photo shoots, I gotta f*ck a couple of times.”

            The interview appears below.