Listen to This Gorgeous Remix of a ZHU Throwback

           Of all things “faded” by time, the ingenuity of ZHU’s music is exempt.

            Certified platinum upon its 2014 release, the single for which ZHU is perhaps best known, “Faded,” would function as the inverse of ZHU’s musical engineering in description, a manufacturing of sound best described as “brilliant.” Doubly a DJ and singer—much like trap phenomenon, Alison Wonderland, ZHU likewise lends his smooth vocals to his own tracks—ZHU emerged as a stranger during the debut of his 2014 EP from which Faded originated, “The Nightday.”

            The six-song EP swiftly garnered attention. Defined by its impeccably composed melodies, layered bass lines, and ZHU’s silky vocals, The Nightday emerged as a smoking debut EP that would alter the landscape of dance music on account of its stylistic individuality. Even three years later, one would struggle to identify an EP of comparable quality, and likewise, of a similarly entrancing aesthetic.

            Later revealed to be Chinese American musician, Steven Zhu, ZHU initially concealed his identity in a repression intended to motivate listeners to judge the music for its content and quality, rather than the artist for his origin. “Some of us don’t even know the limitations of our own prejudice,” asserted ZHU’s manager, Jake Udell. “Rather than put those limitations to the test, we’ve created an engaging way for fans to focus on the music rather than who’s behind it,” remarked Udell in a quotation meant to underscore race as a motivating factor in ZHU’s former anonymity.

            Those previously unfamiliar with ZHU might consider themselves to have stumbled on a musical goldmine—thanks to Crust Nation, of course. The gem of The Nightday, ZHU’s “Cocaine Model” appears above for viewers’ listening pleasure.

            Yet if “Cocaine Model” is indeed the centerpiece of The Nightday, then the KasboAutomatic” remix is the parallel of the official remixes commissioned for “Automatic,” an Aluna George collaboration that appeared as a single back in 2015. Contemplative and perfectly staggered, the beats of Kasbo’s Automatic remake make for a masterpiece of a re-imagination. Elavate the sophistication of your Tuesday evening with Kasbo’s Automatic remix, embedded below.