It's OK to Have the Blues When They're "Jonas Blue"

            Avid listeners of channel 51 (BPM) on Sirius XM satellite radio are already familiar with the tropical house inspired opening beats of “Perfect Strangers,” the second single released by English DJ, Jonas Blue. The song, a staple of XM’s BPM que since its release on June 3, 2016, has begun to break from the EDM specific station to expand its reach to various FM radio stations that require no specialized subscription, like New York’s 92.3 “AMP” station.

            “Jonas Blue,” the stage name of new hit maker and chart topper, Guy James Robin, has enjoyed exponential success since his breakthrough in 2015. Jonas Blue’s introduction to the electronic scene arose via a tropical house cover of 1988 Tracy Chapman tune, “Fast Car,” where the melancholy chords of the Jonas Blue imagined version transform an acoustic classic into a modern remake reflective of tropical house’s continued pervasion of electronic dance music. The Jonas Blue take on “Fast Car” has been certified platinum in Italy as well as in the U.K., an unexpected result of a debut single, and accordingly, a career debut for Jonas Blue, signed to the Virgin EMI record label. Blue's characteristic dance pop style caters to the tastes of EDM genre enthusiasts, as well as to those less immersed in EDM, and more in favorable of the simply pop genre.

            Jonas Blue’s third single is naturally one to bookmark. Borrowing the vocals of British singer, Raye, “By Your Side,” blends Blue’s affinity for a strong piano backdrop with a dance pop beat drop. Since its October release, the song has garnered 14,150,321 views on Vevo, constituting the single as the London born DJ's third consecutive electronic hit. Jonas Blue’s musical track record is currently being defined in “flying colors,” causing the DJ’s forthcoming debut album—expected in 2017— to be awaited with eager anticipation.