Fate of Sunburn Music Festival unclear as Goa's Minister halts EDM events

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            Goa’s Minister for Water Resources, Vinod Palyekar, is halting EDM festivals hosted in India. Goa has long been a site where dance music has flourished, witnessing a variety of festivals, including Sunburn Music Festival, hosted in India.

            Whereas Goa’s Tourism Minister, Manohar Azgaonkar, appears to be more receptive to electronic music events, Palyekar is adamant that the events cease to continue. “In the past we witnessed deaths due to drug overdose at the EDMs. As a true Goemkar, it’s my duty to oppose a festival of this kind, tooth and nail,” Palyekar stated, elaborating “At any cost, I will not allow [EDM] to malign [the] state’s image.”

            India’s Tourism Minister’s statement indicated the discord present between the two officials: “I am for good tourism in the State, and we need to have a Tourism Policy in order to attract quality tourists who will come and spend heavily and in return would get quality time in the State. We cannot allow Goa’s name to get tarnished at any cost,” Azgaonkar said.

            Sunburn Music Festival is currently on hold, unable to advance in its plans until “dues are cleared” as the ministers have jointly asserted that the festival owes money to the state.

Rachel NarozniakComment