More Than Just a Color: "Grey" Develops Sound With New Single

            Grey is the new black.

            An alias for brothers, Kyle and Michael Trewartha, “Grey” is breaking into electronic music slowly, yet with steady momentum. After a stint in the studio with Russian/German “I Want You to Know” hit maker, Zedd, and actress turned singer, Hailee Steinfeld, the Trewartha brothers would witness the July 22, 2016 release of “Starving.” The Grey brothers’ debut single, and a track that flooded radio stations, rapidly gaining popularity, “Starving” surfaced as a promising start to the Grey brothers’ fledgling career within the EDM genre.

            Grey’s follow up game has been strong, given the duo’s most recent release, a single featuring the vocals of Bahari, “I Miss You.” The reflective track is reminiscent of Zedd’s sound at certain points, indicating that the brothers might have picked up a thing or two in terms of production while working with the “Clarity” producer. Grey’s style will become increasingly distinct as the group continues to build a library of “Grey” labeled music, an expansion that will surely be worth observing. For now, listen to “I Miss You” below.