Gorgon City Delivers Sexy Remix of Larsson's "I Would Like"

         We were first acquainted with Swedish singer/songwriter, Zara Larsson’s wide vocal range in July of 2015 when she collaborated with MNEK on a tune that swiftly and easily stuck in our heads, “Never Forget You.” In accordance with the 2015 release, we didn’t forget Larsson, nor could we, as she followed with the assertive single “Not My Fault” in September of 2016

            November 11, 2016 would entail yet another Larsson release, namely the honest “I Would Like.” The track caught the attention of house/U.K. garage duo, Gorgon City. While R3hab offered his rendition of “I Would Like”— a remake that signaled the DJs preference for remixing Larsson tracks, the DJ notably released a remix of Larsson’s “Ain’t My Fault”—it was Gorgon City’s official remix of the song that truly had us hooked.

            With lyrics telling the story of a confident female’s desire to “get to know” the subject of the song “better,”—translation: sexually—Gorgon City pairs the sexual quality of the single’s lyrics with a seductive opening beat that builds to conclude in an undeniably “housey” drop. The song succeeds on account of the beat’s accordance with Larsson’s vocal quality; both radiate a comparable strength, neither overpowers the other.

            Listen to Gorgon City’s version of “I Would Like” below, a track sure to set the tone.