Selena Gomez Confirms Kygo Collab in Most Gomez Way Possible

            With 100 million—and counting—followers, a number that casts Selena Gomez as Instagram’s “most followed person,” Gomez is acutely aware of the power of a post. One does not amass a social media following in the millions by accident, after all.

            Gomez’s Instagram account activity on Friday, February 3rd—a black and white image of the pop singer seated in a chair, shooting the camera a seductive grin—is nothing out of the ordinary, unremarkable even, when compared to the vocalist’s picture of herself scarfing a slice of pizza behind the scenes, or her photograph of her Vogue Australia cover, posts that attracted millions of respective likes. Yet a closer look at the image’s tag reveals that Gomez hasn’t quite lost her Instagram touch just yet: a click on the photo’s tag leads to an account likewise followed by the millions, @kygomusic.

            The tag is a silent confirmation to the rumor that Gomez had joined with the tropical house hit maker, a suspicion that arose shortly after Gomez’s recent registration of a new song— “It Ain’t Me”—with the ASCAP, where Kygo— or Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll—is credited below Gomez in the songwriter category.

            We predicted that the Gomez/Kygo collab would perhaps emerge as the anthem of the 2017 festival season, yet it seems Gomez isn’t willing to wait until the spring/summer season to release the track. Gomez teased new music on her Instagram story this past weekend, where she is shown singing along in a black and white filter to an unreleased song. The black and white wash of both the song clip and the Kygo tagged image suggest that both posts are linked by a relation to Kygo, a connection that implies that the song Gomez previewed in her Instagram story is indeed “It Ain’t Me.”

            If it is, Kygo and Gomez fans alike will be on “Cloud Nine” once the track drops far sooner than expected.