No Sleep Till..."Tomorrow," According to Galantis's New Track, "Pillow Fight"

            Feathers fly with the release of Galantis’s latest single, “Pillow Fight,” a whimsical track that officially dropped on December 15, 2016.  But don’t expect the new tune to be a lullaby designed to tease sleep—the “Runaway” producers set the song’s mellow vocals to a steel drum infused melody that will entice one to dance rather than to count sheep.

            “Pillow Fight” embodies a youth and energy mirrored by the song’s chorus “I’ll go to sleep tomorrow.” In a statement given by the Swedish duo, Galantis comments that the latest release in many ways “brings back the original Galantis heart and roots, and reminds us why we started this project; launch yourself in every wave, live and breathe the full-throttle mentality, we’ll go to sleep tomorrow.”

            Its not hard to imagine why Galantis members Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw might have needed to conceptualize a song that would recall the intent behind the formation of “Galantis.” Since the pair’s signing to Big Beat Records in 2013, the duo has enjoyed steady success that was established with the 2014 single, “Runaway (U & I),” cemented by the 2015 single, “Gold Dust,” and advanced by the release of the group’s debut album, “Pharmacy,” in June of 2015. “Love On Me,” the single to precede “Pillow Fight” in terms of order dropped, likewise earned Galantis attention in September of 2016. With the partnership’s consistent offering of chart topping singles, it’s understandable that the original goal of “Galantis” might have grown hazy amidst Karlsson and Eklöw’s exponentially paced succession of achievements.

            Despite the rapidity of Galantis’s ascendance to fame, the fathers of Sea Fox nation don’t intend to lay down their heads for sleep—as “Pillow Fight” echoes, the group will catch their presumedly necessary zzz's “tomorrow."