Galantis's Remix of "Shape Of You" is FIRE

            “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover so the bar is where I go,” reasons English singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran in his latest release, “Shape of You,” a sly piece of advice that might prove to be useful to those celebrating the Valentine’s Day holiday single today.

            Yet whether single or “taken,” one needs not a specific “you” in mind to enjoy Galantis’s re-imgination of the popular new Sheeran song. The Galantis remix quickens the track’s rapidity, driving “Shape of You’s” folksy percussive rhythm a little faster, all the while maintaining the song’s original feel—because after all, a grossly elevated bpm count on an Ed Sheeran remix would feel noticeably out of place.

            The Galantis remix is a welcome addition to the Swedish duo’s repertoire of electro/progressive/big room house hits, a collection that will only continue to expand as the “Runaway (U & I)” producers drop their exclusive new single, “Rich Boy” on Friday. A one-minute preview clip of the song appears to the right, featuring vocals that are distinctly "No Money."