ILLENIUM is Newest Minus Zero Lineup Addition

            He was the artist “to watch” in 2016.

            Now in 2017, with a debut studio album released—the 2016 offering, “Ashes,” that turned the heads of music critics and EDM enthusiasts alike—and his name joining the ranks of Bassnectar, GRiZ, and Pierce Fulton on the Minus Zero Festival’s lineup, Illenium has proved those who projected his massive success in the dance music industry to have been correct.

            With Seattle duo, ODESZA, and “Lionhearted” producer, Porter Robinson, cited as Illenium’s most prominent influences, it is no wonder that Nick Miller has found his musical niche through his alias, "Illenium." Working across the progressive house, dubstep, trap, future bass, and electro house genres, Illenium has consistently debuted complexly crafted remixes indicative of his versatility and his ear for the instruments necessary to upgrade a song from mere satisfactory to stellar status.

            Illenium stunned with his sensual remix of Flume’s Tove Lo feature, “Say It,” and again with his re-imagination of the sultry vocalized Nikyee Heaton track, “Infinity.” His products distinctly “Illenium,” Illenium will transfer his undeniably chill sound to an environment of the same nature, namely Vermont’s Minus Zero Fest on April 7th and 8th.

            Formally announced as Minus Zero’s newest lineup addition mere minutes ago at 12 PM, those attentive to Minus Zero’s Facebook page had an inkling of Illenium’s supposed appearance early yesterday on January 30th. “We wILL be your reason…Set those reminder alarms tomorrow! Our next talent announcement is coming at 12 PM EST” wrote Minus Zero in their Facebook post. The intentional capitalization of “ILL” led Facebook users to theorize in the post’s comments, with the majority of participants sure that the allusion was indeed one in reference to Illenium, while others were mistaken in their belief that the letters foreshadowed a Skrillex performance.

        With comments on the Minus Zero Facebook post expressing a common goal of attendance assuming Illenium's place on the festival's lineup--one remark notably read "If Illenium is going, we're going"--it seems that Minus Zero has once again pleased its ticket holders, and furthermore, enticed those currently sans ticket to purchase one in light of the latest lineup announcement. As Vermont temperatures drop even lower, so do the festival's stock of remaining tickets. Purchase your ticket to Minus Zero above.