New 2017 Pryda Album Announcement "Drops" Sooner Than NYE Ball

        Amid the avid Snapchat cataloguing of the evening in its confetti ridden glory, Prydz fans may have missed an important memo in between their New Year’s Eve toasts. It has been nearly a year since the release of Prydz’s long awaited debut album, “Opus,” a collection of 19 tracks released on February 5, 2016, yet the “Lillo” producer shows no intention of prolonging the release of a second album. Prydz took to his various social media accounts on December 31, 2016 to make an understated yet clear announcement that work on a 2017 Pryda album had already begun.

        “Excited about 2017!!” Prydz writes in his 11:48 AM New Year’s Eve tweet, a blurb accompanied by a snapshot of Prydz’s desktop, where the camera’s focus on a folder labelled “Pryda 2017 Album” signals that Prydz—now fresh off a New Year’s Eve appearance at Denver’s Decadence festival—would carry the very energy and enthusiasm that he consistently demonstrated in 2016 into the new year.

         Now that the holidays have more or less concluded, what we’ll be looking forward to most next is the later announcement of a new Prydz single from the untitled work in progress. Stay up to date with Crust Nation for the latest coverage of new music to come in 2017.