Cashmere Cat Renames, Completes Debut Album

        Arguably one of dance music's most versatile producers, Cashmere Cat has continuously been the source of curiosity, the release date for the "Love Incredible" producer's debut album seemingly perpetually undefined. 

       Ever tight lipped regarding the forthcoming record's release date, the Norwegian DJ still has yet to announce an official album drop date, but has indicated in a recent tweet that the work will be out "soon," however vague a phrasing. "I changed my album title," Cashmere Cat wrote in a tweet published on Monday, April 3rd, "it's called 9. I finished it this morning!!" The 140-character limited news was followed by a series of playful emojis, perhaps the most suggestive of which was the "soon" emoji. 

      Out "soon," the debut project adopts the name "9" from the producer's recent collaboration with SOPHIE and MØ on the track "9 (After Coachella)."  The album originally boasted the title "Wild Love," a name shared by the first single released from the the collection of tracks assembled under the Wild Love headline. Cashmere Cat fans may understandably be impatient for the release, the record one that has long been awaited by fans, with the entire year of 2016 initially appearing as the year in which the album would finally be unveiled. One year later, eager Cashmere Cat enthusiasts may find solace in knowing that while the album may not bear a definitive release date, it will be out "soon," a suggestive period of time that is at the very least, less than another whole year.

Rachel NarozniakComment