Electric Zoo to Expand Reach, Establishes 2017 Brazil Festival Location

           2009 witnessed the foundation of Electric Zoo, more commonly known by its nickname, “Ezoo.” Consistently hosted each year on Labor Day weekend, the festival claims the title of “New York City’s premier electronic music festival,” a title that is perhaps even more aptly trumpeted by the brand due to the recent cancellation of Insomniac’s New York edition of EDC, established in 2012. EDC New York’s five-year stint comes to a close on the heels of rumors of the festival’s inability to generate sufficient funds this year, a deficiency that arose undoubtedly due to unprecedentedly poor weather conditions, and supposedly to customer dissatisfaction with the choice of venue, Citi Field in Queens, home of the NY Mets.

            EDC NY’s departure confirms Ezoo’s status as the city’s “premier electronic music festival,” leaving Ezoo as the Big Apple’s sole strictly electronic music event of its scale. Pasquale Rotella’s decision to leave New York, at least for the year of 2017, symbolizes great opportunity within the scene for a new festival to develop, an already established brand to expand its reach and claim the temporal vacancy left by EDC NY, and/or for various smaller scale festivals/shows to be developed in its place.

            Yet in the midst of such grand metropolitan opportunity, Ezoo looks to expand internationally, setting its sights on Brazil for 2017. Ezoo reveled in the success of selling out Ezoo NY 2016 at its home on Randall’s Island Park, under the 2016 theme of “Electric Zoo: Wild Island.” The theme of the festival this past year depended on the introduction of larger, animalistic stage designs, like the “King Cobra” structure of the festival’s main stage.

            Randall’s Island, however, was not the only location in which the brand prospered via electronic music. Ezoo likewise sold out its two-day festival event in Shanghai, China, an expansion that occurred under the theme “Countdown Shanghai” in Shanghai’s EXPO park. Shanghai emerged as the fourth location to ally with the Electric Zoo initiative, aligning itself among Tokyo, Mexico City, and New York City.

            Ezoo’s establishment in Brazil for the 2017 festival season reflects the festival’s momentum, a force that has steadily intensified since the festival’s 2009 founding. Ezoo joins the likes of Ultra and Tomorrowland, fellow large scale electronic dance music festivals that already host in Brazil. While Tomorrowland notably prepares to leave Brazil in 2017 in much the same way that EDC NY has withdrawn from the city in the same year, Ezoo is set to debut in Brazil on April 21, 2017. The presale registration for Ezoo Brazil tickets begins on January 7th, calling all wild animals of the past years and those to come, and of the states and abroad out of hibernation.