This Tech House Remix of a 1995 Green Velvet Classic is CRAZY

Green Velvet, the producer of "Flash," derives his name from his distinguishing electric green hairdo

           A 1995 Tech House staple, Green Velvet’s “Flash” borrows Drake’s present terminology in its ability to catch the “bad little kiddies” that serve as the song’s subject on their “worst behavior.”

            In a vocal monologue given tour style, established techno producer Green Velvet equips the parents to whom he speaks with cameras, and for a cover of fifteen dollars, escorts the naïve parents into “club bad,” where as the parents’ guide, Velvet showcases the debauchery that the “bad little kids” readily engage in, unbeknownst to their parents. The monologue roams from scenes of nitrous oxide— “whippet” —use in dance clubs to joint smoking to six packs in the park, pausing before each transition of scene to offer the track’s defining refrain “cameras ready prepare to flash.” A heavy, spacey bass line echoes after each refrain, an edit courtesy of house/techno producer, Eats Everything.

            Known for his remix of Tiga’s “Let’s Go Dancing” among various releases on the Dirtybird label, Eats Everything infuses Flash, a track dedicated to the exposure of “misbehavior,” with techno elements, adding an intensity to the already brilliant—and socially comical—song. Although released in 1995—twelve years ago—the track’s humor materializes in its continued temporal relevance; the instances of ill behavior detailed by Flash are those that persist today.

            If unused to techno/tech house elements and song monologues, Flash is guaranteed to be unlike any other song you’ve previously heard, so unique in fact, that you’ll want your own camera to photograph your expression upon listening to the track. Click play below and say cheese— “cameras ready prepare to flash.”