Does Taylor Swift throw shade at Calvin Harris in her latest music video?

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            Taylor Swift debuted the music video for her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do” at the VMAs this past weekend, and in classic Swift style, the video not only contained a multitude of details, but has since been thought to throw shade at a number of people.

            The dollar that sits atop the bathtub of jewels that Taylor bathes in materialized as an overt allusion to Taylor’s recently concluded lawsuit against a fan that grabbed her butt—Taylor sued for $1.

            Recent interpretations of the music video, however, have pointed at a larger celebrity possibly targeted by the video. When the camera zooms out on Swift, fans noticed that there appears the be the word “No” spelled out on the floor in jewelry, located to the left of the bathtub. Rumors circulated not long ago that Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, had been ring shopping, with the intention of buying Swift a diamond engagement ring.

            But how does that subtle “No” factor into the equation? As a number of Swift fans pointed out, the piece of jewelry that shapes the “N” closely resembles a piece of jewelry that Harris gave to Swift as a gift. Could Swift be throwing some subtle shade at her ex? Take a look at the image below to decide.

Rachel NarozniakComment