November Backtrack: Dzeko & Torres Announce Split, New Solo December Dzeko Track Drops

            The common expression goes “two is better than one,” yet mainstream EDM would beg to differ as of late. The genre is playing witness to some major splits, including the recent break of Chicago trap duo, Flosstradamus, announced this past Tuesday, December 20, 2016, a divide that occurred as now former Floss member, Josh Young, voiced his commitment to the development of his solo career. Young’s departure was executed amicably, making a potential future Flosstradamus reunion not wholly outside the realm of possibility.

            The Floss separation recalls the November announcement of Progressive and Big Room house couple, Dzeko & Torres’s split. A production/DJ duo hailing from Canada, Dzeko & Torres indeed go “way back,” their founding credited to 2008, a considerable eight years prior. True to their original names, members “Julian Dzeko,” and “Luis Torres” met on a Toronto based forum concerning club events in the city. The pair shared an affinity for house music, and a mutual aspiration to produce music; Dzeko & Torres ignited their fast friendship with the flame fanned by shared interest, and the Toronto, Ontario based group “Dzeko & Torres” was born. The producers in training followed their formation with the release of their 2008 grounded debut single, “Confronted.”

            Come January of 2012, the self instructed duo could list DJs Sebastian Ingrosso, Hardwell, and Porter Robinson among others as acts for whom they’d opened. Once Dzeko & Torres had mastered the mix board, the sky was the limit. Dzeko & Torres expanded their fame—then existent in rudimentary form—with their unofficial remix of band Of Monsters and Men’s “King and Lionheart.” The song climbed to reach No. 1 status height on music blog, “Hype Machine.” By March of 2013, Dzeko & Torres had played Ultra Music Festival, Electric Zoo New York, Coachella, and Tomorrowland—they were hardly the fumbling newbies on the scene.

            The “L’Amour Toujours Tiesto Radio Edit” producers promised fans via a Dzeko & Torres official Facebook artist page announcement that the two would continue to collaborate intermittently as they prepare to go their separate ways. Much like Floss’s Josh Young, Torres likewise seeks to channel his energies into personal improvement of his sound engineering/producing skills. Dzeko alternatively plans to continue touring and producing, indulging his passion for performing live.

            Despite the duo’s silence—Dzeko & Torres have noticeably not released a track in a long, quiet 10 months—the pair intends to release a final six to eight songs under their collaborative alias. Dzeko in particular has expressed his trepidation to embrace a solo career, a hesitancy that is expected; the couple acknowledge themselves to be “best friends,” and have grown together not merely as musicians, but as people as their career has flourished over the years.

            The newly premiered Dzeko track, as recent as December 12, 2016, is emblematic of a newfound quality for the DJ: “Liberty.” Tune back to Crust Nation later today for in depth coverage of the single--you can count on us not to go anywhere.